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9846GRY Rocker Recliner, Reclining Loveseat & Sofa

  • $399.00

This motion set provides your friends and family with a great place to relax. Covered in a soft fabric with thickly padded seat backs and arms invite you to choose to sit where you're most comfortable - the individual reclining chair, the two-seater with lift-up storage console between for individualized space, or the sofa with recline on either end.

Item No.* Description Dimension
9846GRY-1 Rocker Recliner 37 x 35 x 40H
9846GRY-2 Motion Loveseat with Console 74 x 35 x 40H
9846GRY-3 Motion Sofa 81 x 35 x 40H

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